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Treating Fungal Nails in Chicago

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Treating Fungal Nails in Chicago
Treating Fungal Nails in Chicago

If your toenails are hard, yellow with a brittle exterior then chances are you are suffering from a fungal infection of the nails. A fungal infection not only makes your feet unattractive but can be painful and spread. Treating fungal nails in Chicago for many years Dr. Robert L. Potempa, DPM has helped rid patients of the fungus and save their toenails as well as prevent the reoccurrence of the infection. Fungal infections of the toenail start as a small white or yellow dot at the end of one of the nails. As the fungus gets deeper into the nail it will turn yellow, thicken and form crumbling edges, it will spread to all the nails of the foot and often onto to the other foot.

Treating fungal nails in Chicago should begin as soon as possible since untreated fungal infections can become painful and even lead to infections in the blood. Fungal nails are harder to treat than the fungal infestations of simple conditions such as Athlete’s Foot, which usually responds to OTC anti-fungal treatments. Our doctor will usually prescribe a topical or oral anti-fungal medication for fungal nails. In extreme cases that don’t respond to the medication our doctor may permanently remove the nail to stop the infection before it spreads internally. Once the toenail infection has been cured it is particularly important to protect the toenails from being re-infected by any fungus on the feet. Our doctor recommends that at bedtime the patient thoroughly wash and dry their feet and apply a non-prescription anti-fungal cream.

Treating fungal nails in Chicago before they become re-infected also is a matter of diligence on the part of the patient and common sense. Our doctor warns that people should not share nail implements such as clippers or files with anybody, also don’t share socks or shoes. People should try to avoid injuring the toe or the nail by cutting them too short or nicking the skin. For those patients prone to nail or foot fungus our doctor suggests wearing cotton socks and changing them during the day as well as wearing shoes that allow the air to circulate around the feet. Wearing sandals or water shoes in public showers and pools is important to keep your toenails and feet fungus free. If you believe that your nails maybe infected by fungus please make an appointment with our practice.

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