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Podiatry office in Chicago

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Gout Treatment in Chicago

Podiatry office in Chicago
Podiatry office in Chicago

Dr. Robert L. Potempa has been treating patients in the Chicago area for many years. At our podiatry office in Chicago, we specialize in many different foot ailments, diseases and disorders, including gout. We strive to provide a full range of clinical foot care for you and your family in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We diagnose your gout issues and then discuss with you the best course of treatment to get you feeling better again in no time.

Gout is a painful and irritating food condition that can also affect other joints in the legs and, more rarely, the arms. When gout is developed in the foot, it can cause sudden and painful pain, inflammation and severe tenderness in the joints. Usually the big toe is most susceptible to gout, although it can attack other joints as well. Some of the symptoms of gout are swollen, warm joints and discolored skin around the joint. It is caused by deposits of sodium urate formed by uric acid, a naturally occurring chemical in the body. Abnormally high deposits of the sodium urate crystals form around the joint and cause attacks that can recur frequently if not treated properly. At our podiatry office in Chicago, we will perform initial testing procedures to determine if you have gout by extracting fluid from your inflamed joint. Although there is no cure for gout, there is proper treatment that can help lessen the symptoms so that you are more comfortable and able to move about and walk easier.

Treatment is usually in the form of anti-inflammatory drugs that can help relieve pain and inflammation. Usually, symptoms decrease within 24 hours after treatment. The goal of treatment is to lower the blood’s uric acid level and prevent future attacks that can lead to more complicated and extensive joint damage. Our podiatry office in Chicago will determine the proper course of treatment. This usually involves taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which can help prevent sudden attacks, corticosteroids, which decrease inflammation, or colchicines, which are administered in low doses to reduce recurring gout attacks. Don’t live a life of pain, call the offices of Robert L. Potempa, DPM today to start your path to better foot health and wellness.

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