Podiatrist in Chicago

Podiatrist in Chicago

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Wound Care in Chicago

It’s important to seek medical attention right away if you have a wound on your foot or leg that isn’t healing. If you have a wound that needs medical attention, we can help. Our professional podiatry practice offers quality wound care to our patients. Our wound care specialist, Robert L. Potempa, DPM; our expert podiatrist in Chicago is equipped to provide you with wound care.

Wound care consists of proper cleaning, dressing and treatment of the affected area until the wound is completely healed. You can rest assured that our podiatrist in Chicago will provide you with the quality wound care you need. You’ll be well taken care of at our practice. We offer many other high-quality services at our podiatric practice. Some the common services we offer include the diagnosis and treatment of: athlete’s foot, geriatric foot care, diabetic foot care, foot/ankle sprains and fractures, pediatric foot care, sports medicine, bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses, ingrown nails, and fungal infections. We also provide diabetic foot care and create custom orthotics to treat painful conditions such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, neuromas and flat feet. We use the latest cutting-edge technology, equipment and techniques in our practice to ensure our patients receive the best possible care. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, we recommend that you set up an appointment. Making an appointment is simple and easy. You can make an appointment 24 hours a day online; on our website or you can call our office and book your appointment over the phone. One of our friendly staff members would be happy to take your call and to assist you in any way they can.

Call us to book an appointment with our podiatrist in Chicago today. We would like to welcome you to our practice and look forward to meeting you very soon.

Robert L. Potempa, DPM
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Chicago, Illinois 60634
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