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Bunion Treatment in Harwood Heights

Harwood Heights Podiatrist
Harwood Heights Podiatrist

Not many people regularly consider their foot health on a daily basis, though many of us do rely on our feet every single day to get us from one place to another. Whether we live active lifestyles, have an active job or career, or simply run errands and need to maneuver around our house, we need our feet to get us from one place to another and it is important that our feet are kept in good shape. One of the most important things you can do for your foot health is to simply examine your feet on a regular basis to look out for any changes or abnormalities such as the development of bunions. With the help of our Harwood Heights podiatrist, MD, Robert L. Potempa, DPM you can get the proper bunion treatment.

Bunions are fairly common and they also range in severity from person to person. A bunion forms when friction forces the joint of the big toe to gradually move outward. This drifting of the joint widens the foot in shape but it also causes your big toe to point inward as well. The widening of the foot is what generally causes the most discomfort. Because your foot is getting wider and the joint is jutting out, you may feel considerable pain and discomfort whenever you wear closed shoes. Additionally, the appearance of a bunion can be rather unattractive to some people, so the overall look of this deformity may also be a reason to seek out medical help. In some cases, bunions are so mild that they can easily be treated by simply changing the kind of footwear that you use while also applying some kind of shoe inserts in order to help guide the joint back into place. And more severe cases, ours prosthetist in Morningside, Robert L. Potempa, DPM can provide more customized treatment or even perform surgery in order to realign the joint completely.

As stated before, bunions can sometimes be caused by the type of shoes that you wear, genetic predisposition, or a variety of other factors. Regardless of how your bunion formed, it is important to take care of your feet and to make sure that you are healthy at all times. If you believe that you have a bunion or know that you need bunion treatment, then call us today to book an appointment with Harwood Heights podiatrist Robert L. Potempa, DPM in order to get the care and treatment you need.

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