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Foot surgery – Hammertoes and toe misalignment

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Are your toes constantly feeling crowded or curling uncomfortably? These symptoms are more than just the annoying result of a long day on your feet, but are actually signs of a permanent injury to the feet. Deformed toe joints or hammertoes can often cause mild to severe levels of pain depending on the severity of the deformation. These painful toe injuries will only get worse over time, and as such need to be examined by your local Chicago foot surgeon as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need to get back on your feet with the state of the art podiatry offices of Robert L. Potempa, DPM.

When the joints of the toes become deformed over time, the tendons of the phalanges become tight and less flexible, resulting in curling toes and incorrectly aligned toe bones. These hammertoes most often cause the toe in question to bend upward at the middle joint of your toe, which often causes this section of the toe rub uncomfortably on the top of shoes. This in turn causes the tip of the toe to bend downward, forcing this small section of your toe to bear the entire weight of your foot, instead of being evenly dispersed throughout the entire toe. Hammertoes can cause pain to occur on either the top of the toe or the tip of the toe, even both areas of the toe in cases where the hammertoe is completely stiff and is no longer moving at all. Flexible hammertoes are the beginning stages of the deformity, while firm hammertoes are the later stages which can only be treated through surgical procedure. Your professional Chicago foot surgeon can put an end to your pain and heal your foot by working to realign the bones of the toe and the foot so that the two function in perfect harmony again. Surgical treatment for hammertoes does not require the need for hospitalization, but can be accomplished in a simple procedure at your podiatrist by working to remove a small section of bone in order to properly align the toe so that the bones can heal correctly for a healthy gait and posture once more.

For the treatment you need to put an end to hammertoes and misaligned toes, simply visit the experts at your neighborhood Chicago foot surgeon. Our fully licensed and professionally staff at the advanced care practice of Robert L. Potempa, DPM proudly offer a full range of podiatry care services for foot problems that range from the mild to the very severe in nature and scope. With the help of Robert L. Potempa, DPM you can put an end to hammertoes and get back on your feet without pain interfering in your life.

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