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Foot Pain Treatment in Chicago

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Heel pain in Chicago

Foot pain treatment in Chicago
Foot pain treatment in Chicago

If you’re experiencing heel pain, it is probably difficult for you to walk and possibly even to stand. This makes going about your daily schedule very challenging. And because of trying to favor that bad heel, you may shift your weight to the ball of your foot, leading to other complications. Our foot pain treatment in Chicago is safe and effective in providing the needed relier that the overuse and strain on your heel can make necessary.

Among the reasons for heel pain, one of the most common is a condition is called plantar fasciitis. This is when the thick tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes becomes inflamed. If the tissue is stretched too far, small tears can appear, and that is what causes the inflammation and the pain. You may also develop heel spurs, either on their own, or as a consequence of plantar fasciitis. Our foot pain treatment Chicago is focused on the simplest possible solution first, which is typically the use of orthotics, inserts that are put inside your shoes. They are sold over-the-counter or in custom-made format from our podiatrist. Icing of the area is a good idea, especially at bedtime. Ultrasound treatments and steroid injections may be suggested for particularly severe or stubborn cases, as when the use of orthotics, rest, and ice have not produced the desired results. To avoid future heel pain, choose shoes with thicker soles and good arch support, consider losing weight if you need to, as this will most certainly reduce the stress that is on your foot.

It is the goal of our podiatrist to help you prevent pain in your heel or anywhere in your foot whenever possible. But when you are suffering with it, even if the pain doesn’t seem that bad right now, you should seek out our foot pain treatment in Chicago. These problems don’t go away on their own, and tend to get worse if ignored.

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