Elmwood Park nail surgery

Elmwood Park Nail Surgery

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Dr. Robert L. Potempa, DPM performs Elmwood Park nail surgery in a comfortable atmosphere for patients during our business hours, which are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. We now offer a 10 minute 3 stitch procedure for plantar fasciitis. This type of procedure is perfect for when orthotics are insufficient or no longer beneficial.

Besides Elmwood Park nail surgery, we are also skilled in treating many foot ailments such as bunions, calluses and corns. Bunions are a painful condition that results in misaligned big toe joints. Often the joints become swollen, tender and painful, causing the big toe to be misaligned with the rest of the foot and to slant outward. In the case of a bunion, the joint located at the base and side of the big toe becomes enlarged. Toes begin to hurt as they rub against footwear and cause friction against each other. The irritating and movement can also cause them to become inflamed. Over time, the constant rubbing against shoes and friction of the toes together causes the skin on the foot to be tender and walking can become difficult at times. Arthritis and bursitis are common for people who suffer from bunions. The leading cause of bunions is from wearing shoes that are too tight, from foot injuries, flat feet and neuromuscular problems.

Standard treatment for bunions includes using protective padding on the foot to eliminate friction and wearing more supportive and comfortable footwear. The key to preventing new bunions is to have future footwear carefully fitted. We also recommend using an orthotic device, either over the counter or custom made, to stabilize the swollen and tender joint. This helps the foot stay in its correct position and makes standing and walking easier. Bunions can lead to plantar fasciitis, upon which we may recommend Elmwood Park nail surgery.

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