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Elmwood Park Foot Surgery

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Foot surgery in Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park foot surgery
Elmwood Park foot surgery

The only time our Elmwood Park foot surgery is considered to be the best treatment option is when other less invasive methods have either proved to be ineffective or insufficient, or if it is the most efficient and fast way to achieve the desired outcome. At the practice of Robert L. Potempa, DPM, you can trust that you are in the hands of a skilled and experienced specialist when it comes to foot procedures.

Bunions and hammertoes are two of the most common causes of toe difficulty. The bunion is a bony protrusion that appears on your big toe, and a hammertoe occurs when one of your toes bends into the flexed position and becomes locked that way. A bunion can be removed using our Elmwood Park foot surgery, and a hammertoe that is rigid (versus the flexible ones that have a little bit of movement available to them) has to be surgically addressed. Heel pain that is due to heel spurs, calcium deposits growing on the underside of your foot, may also need to be corrected with a procedure. In addition to the options that we’ve already listed here, joint replacement, arthritis, and managing foot damage that is due to the complications of type 1 or type 2 diabetes are other examples of our Elmwood Park foot surgery. In addition to expecting positive results, you will not have to inconvenienced. All of our foot surgeries are done on an outpatient basis, with no overnight stay required. Some are done at our office, while others are performed at a local hospital.

We understand that you do not take the idea of surgery lightly, and neither do we. The reality, though, is that it can have your feet back to being strong, healthy, and free of pain and other complications. To find out if it’s the best choice for you, schedule an appointment at our office by calling now.

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