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Diabetic Foot Care in Chicago

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Diabetic foot care in Chicago

Diabetic foot care in Chicago
Diabetic foot care in Chicago

Your feet are at risk for damage, up to and including amputation, from the effects of type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This is not stated to alarm you, but rather to make the point that unchecked blood sugar has many potential hazards, and that your feet are most certainly included in that. Here at the office of Robert L. Potempa, DPM, get the attention of a foot specialist when it comes to diabetic foot care inĀ  Chicago.

How does diabetes affect your feet? Fro one thing, it leads to nerve damage, or what is called neuropathy. Blood flow and circulation can slow significantly because your blood vessels become narrow and harder. Your nerve regulate skin moisture, which means that dry skin and cracking and peeling may occur. You may end up unable to sense pain in your feet, making you prone to serious harm from injuries that you are not aware of because you have not been alerted by the simple pain signals we all take for granted. Temperature changes are also hard to detect. Part of our diabetic foot care is to remind you to do self-exams of your foot regularly to detect blisters, infections, or calluses that can become foot ulcers. Compromised circulation can also make it harder for your body to fight off infections in your feet. Be sure to come in for examinations as part of our diabetic foot care in Chicago. Our podiatrist will discuss how often that should be based on your unique situation. You might benefit from wearing special therapeutic shoes to avoid foot deformities, which sometimes occur due to diabetes. And if you’re healthy enough to do so, by all means exercise to promote better circulation.

Our diabetic foot care in Chicago will strive to keep your feet healthy in spite of this disease, so contact us to arrange an appointment. And be sure to follow the dietary and medication guidelines provided by your primary doctor or diabetes specialist.

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