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Fungal Nails Treatment in Chicago

Chicago podiatrist office
Chicago podiatrist office

Do you have fungal toenails that need treatment by a podiatrist? If so, you will want to be sure to come in to our podiatry office so that your toenail fungal situation can be evaluated by our top-notch podiatrist, Dr. Robert L. Potempa. At our Chicago podiatrist office our podiatrist is able to provide expert care and treatment of fungal toenails as well as successfully diagnose and treat a wide variety of other foot problems.

Our expert and highly trained podiatrist is Dr. Robert L. Potempa. Our podiatrist believes it is extremely important for patients to be completely informed regarding their foot problems and treatment options. Fungal toenails can be a very frustrating problem to have as fungal toenails can be somewhat resistant to treatment. For patients with diabetes, fungal toenails can be particularly dangerous. This is because a fungal foot infection can cause a more involved systemic infection for diabetic patients. For this reason our diabetic patients are encouraged to make an appointment to come in to our Chicago podiatrist office at the earliest sign of any fungal toenail infection or other foot problem.

Fungal infections can begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail. As the fungus spreads, your nail may begin to discolor. Your nail may also thicken and even begin to develop crumbling edges. This problem is not only unsightly but it can also cause pain. Fungal foot infections are treated at our Chicago podiatrist office, sometimes as part of complete athlete’s foot treatment. Fungal foot infections are very important to treat because if they are left untreated the infection can actually lead to a serious blood infection. Fungal foot problems are one of the most common problems that are seen at our podiatry practice. There are several different causes of fungal foot infections. Our podiatrist will be able to determine the exact cause of your infection and be able to provide you with appropriate and effective treatment. Toenail infections can become more common as you age. If you have diabetes or an immune system disorder, you need to be careful because you are more susceptible to this type of nail infection. So at the earliest sign of fungal nail infection we hope that you will contact us at our practice, Robert L. Potempa, DPM, for an appointment and treatment.

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