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Diabetic foot care in Chicago

Chicago podiatrist
Chicago podiatrist

Diabetes can cause various health complications and your feet are prone to its effects. With diabetic foot care, Dr. Potempa can help you to avoid damage to your feet. When ignored, diabetes can lead to losing a foot or even an entire leg. This is why we recommend that if you have type one or type two diabetes, you schedule regular visits to see our Chicago podiatrist.

At first, it might not make sense that diabetes would have any relation to your feet. But when blood sugar is not controlled, neuropathy (nerve damage) can result. This may lead to reduced blood flow to your feet, a decreased ability to feel pain or temperature changes in your feet, and an inability to detect foot damage. You should check your feet on an ongoing basis to look for any concerns, such as blisters or infections since you cannot depend on feeling them. Cracking and peeling can also occur because the moisture in your skin is controlled by your nerves. Among the most serious concerns with diabetic foot care is that your feet can become deformed. Our Chicago podiatrist might recommend special therapeutic shoes to prevent any changes to the shape of your feet and toes. You could develop thick calluses that can turn into foot ulcers. Blood vessels may harden and narrow and that compromises circulation, putting you at increased risk for infections. Our Chicago podiatrist will examine your feet to get out ahead of any potential problems and complications. It’s also advisable to give up tobacco if you are a user, and to exercise as a way to boost your circulation.

Next to regulating your blood sugar and following your primary doctor’s suggestions on diet and medication, the best thing you can do for your feet is to schedule periodic exams with Dr. Potempa. Call our office today and schedule one.

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