Chicago orthotics

Chicago Orthotics

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Foot orthotics in Chicago

Chicago orthotics
Chicago orthotics

Dr. Robert Potempa is a doctor specializing in Chicago orthotics for patients who need high quality foot care. Foot orthotics, which are custom made shoes, are something we specialize in for patients who suffer from foot problems like heel pain, hammertoes and bunions.Bunions are a progressive foot condition that affects the joint of the big toe. If the bunions become extremely restrictive, surgery is also an option that can relieve bunions permanently.

We know you’ll see the difference between us and other practices because of our commitment to quality, customer service and our commitment to always offer our patients the latest in advanced foot medicine and practices. The way we achieve quality customer care is by earning our patients trust, listening and communicating with them and ensuring that the environment they walk into at our office is always professional and compassionate. Our Chicago orthotics office believes in using minimally invasive procedures so that patients can get back to work and their everyday life as soon as possible. We treat problems like corns and calluses, and Athlete’s Foot, a fungal infection.

Besides Chicago orthotics we also handle care for bunions, corns and calluses, ankle pain and Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis creates pain in the heel due to inflammation. Over time, the pain gets worse and it makes it difficult to walk. This can be due to wearing improper footwear with poor heel support. We also treat a condition called hammertoe, which can cause pain and soreness in the foot. Hammertoe happens when there is an imbalance between the muscle and the ligament around the toe joint, causing the middle toe joint to bend into an awkward position. It becomes stuck in place and can be irritating and causes rubbing against the shoe and toe. Ice and aspirin can also be used to help relieve swelling. Refraining from high heels and wearing appropriate shoes is also ideal.

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