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Chicago Illinois Foot Problems

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Treating warts in Chicago Illinois

Chicago Illinois foot problems
Chicago Illinois foot problems

If you have warts on your feet they can be extremely painful. Since warts are caused by a virus, it is important to visit our foot care practice, Robert L. Potempa, DPM, for treatment of your warts before they spread. Our top-notch podiatrist, Dr. Robert L. Potempa will provide you with expert treatment for your Chicago Illinois foot problems.

If you come to see our podiatrist with foot warts, our podiatrist will carefully assess the situation and determine the best way to remove the warts. When warts are found on the bottom of the feet, they are called plantar warts. These warts can be small or large. A wart is caused by a virus that has invaded your skin through a small cut. Eventually the wart will become a hard and rough growth. Warts are generally found on the bottom of the feet, but they can also appear on the top of the feet. The people who are most prone to developing warts are children, teens, and patients who have allergies or weakened immune systems. Warts can have varying appearances. They can look spongy, and have tiny red, brown, or black spots in them. A wart can even grow up to an inch or more across, or sometimes a wart will have other small warts nearby. A wart can stay for many years, and if left untreated, can spread to other areas of your foot, or even to other parts of the body. Our foot doctor will examine the wart carefully to make sure it is indeed a wart. Warts can be treated with medication, can be removed with an instrument called a curette, or can be removed with a laser. Local anesthesia may be needed for these procedures. Whether you have warts or other Chicago Illinois foot problems, you can receive complete care at our expert podiatry practice.

For an appointment to see our foot doctor for treatment of all your Chicago Illinois foot problems, contact us today.

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