Chicago foot surgery

Chicago Foot Surgery

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Surgery to correct diabetic complications in Chicago

Chicago foot surgery
Chicago foot surgery

Diabetes is a disease that brings with it many possible complications. It can affect your eyes and your vision, as well as your feet. Here at the office of Robert L. Potempa, DPM, our goal is to prevent problems with your feet due to diabetes. Non-invasive treatment is preferred. However, there are times when that is simply not possible. And if you are suffering from the consequences of diabetes, either type one or two, it may be necessary to consider our Chicago foot surgery to correct them.

How does diabetes have an impact on your feet? One of the most typical ways is by causing nerve pain, or neuropathy. As blood flow to your feet decreases, your feet become less sensitive to feeling pain or temperature changes. As a result, if you don’t check your feet frequently, you may sustain an injury; cracking or peeling; blisters or even signs of an infection; all without having any idea of it unless you do a visual inspection of your feet. Diabetes can also be responsible for foot deformities. Blood vessels can narrow and harden, slowing circulation to the point where your body simply cannot get antibodies to your feet effectively to battle an infection. By coming in for regular visits (ask what frequency is best for your unique situation), it’s possible to stay ahead of such problems. Our Chicago foot surgery is most needed when an infection or foot ulcer becomes dangerous; or if you are at high risk for amputation due to the effects of diabetes. Certainly, it is not ideal, but if you do need our Chicago foot surgery, you will be assured to know that it’s being done by our skilled and experienced podiatrist under the most ideal circumstances that can be achieved.

When diabetes puts your feet in danger, turn to us. Call to book an appointment.

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