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Foot Infection Treatment in Chicago

Chicago Foot Infection Doctor
Chicago Foot Infection Doctor

Foot infections need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Two conditions that can result in infections are ingrown toenails and athlete’s foot. Our Chicago foot infection doctor, Robert L. Potempa, DPM, is a specialist who you can turn to with complete confidence.

Athlete’s foot is, in itself, a fungal infection. It’s highly contagious and can be contracted from walking barefoot in communal showers or when you have contact with items that have become contaminated, like socks, shoes, and towels. In addition, when athlete’s foot is not addressed in a timely fashion, it can lead to a secondary bacterial infection. Take note of symptoms that can include burning, stinging or itching between the toes; cracked skin or peeling of the skin on your foot (especially between toes or on the sole of the foot), thick and ragged toenails that pull away from the nail bed, itchy blisters, severely dry skin on the side or bottoms of your feet, or indications of a fungal infection on your toenail. Contact us right away if you experience one or more of those signs. Typically, the offending material will be removed and your skin and toenails will be medicated by our Chicago foot infection doctor. This will reduce the the inflammation and result in relief of your other symptoms.

Improperly cutting your toenails, abnormal nail structure, or injury to the nail plate itself can all cause you to get an ingrown nail. They don’t always become infected, particularly when they’re treated early. But when you do get an infection from it, call us to book an appointment with our Chicago foot infection doctor. Some of the remedies that may be applied are antibiotics and disinfectant soaks. Removing the nail edge that is causing the problem can also be helpful, though it is not always necessary. It’s imperative that you do not attempt to treat an ingrown toenail yourself using anything sharp.

The good news about foot infection treatments is that they’re usually non-invasive and fairly simple. What’s most important is that you don’t suffer needlessly or ignore the problem hoping it will just go away on its own. Get the help of a professional. Our Chicago foot infection doctor is here to take care of it for you.

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