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60634 Bunion

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Bunion Treatment in Chicago

60634 bunion
60634 bunion

Do you have a bunion that is not only causing foot pain, but looks ugly as well? There is no way around it – bunions simply do not look attractive. However, for as bad as they look, they can be even more painful for the patient. Bunions can be treated in a variety of different ways. There are treatments that are conservative that will help ease the pain, and there are surgical treatments for bunion removal. When you have a 60634 bunion problem, visit our office, Robert L. Potempa, DPM.

At our podiatry practice, Robert L. Potempa, DPM, our expert and highly-trained podiatrist is Dr. Robert L. Potempa. Dr. Potempa is dedicated to providing exemplary podiatric care. He also offers surgical services to our patients when they are needed – for example, in the case of a severe bunion problem. Sometimes you can have a 60634 bunion and no treatment will be necessary. If it is not painful, and you can find shoes that comfortably fit, there is no real reason to seek treatment. That is, as long as you are comfortable with the way it makes your foot look. Some bunions are small and do not cause any pain or problems. However, as the bunion gets larger it can become more difficult to find shoes that fit and the bunion can begin to be quite painful.

Many patients come to our practice for 60634 bunion treatment. They only want to experience some pain relief from the bunion. Wearing more roomy shoes or using custom-made supports can help. Our podiatrist will be able to prescribe specific orthotics for your feet so they will remain comfortable when you wear shoes and walk or stand a lot. Taking Tylenol and medicines such as ibuprofen or aspirin may help. Dr. Potempa will be able to let you know which type of medicine will be most helpful in your particular case. He may also prescribe physical therapy, but this treatment option is not always helpful in all cases. If nonsurgical treatment does not provide sufficient pain relief, Dr. Potempa may recommend that you consider surgical treatment. The surgery will restore normal alignment of the toe joint. There are also different types of bunion surgery. Dr. Potempa will be able to let you know which would be recommended in your case, and answer any questions you may have about it. If you would like to see Dr. Potempa regarding bunions or anther foot problem, contact us today.

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